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Shana Tova

Rosh Hashanah Message from Rabbi Lucas


 Sweetness for the Holidays!

Susan Werk's Rosh Hashanah Message


 How to make your online Holy Day services feel special! 

Tips from Rabbi Lucas


You, Too, Can Blow Shofar !!

A Tutorial from Cantor Caplan


Preparing for the Holiday

A Message from Rabbi Silverstein


Would you like to hear Shofar right outside your home?

Here are three ways you can!

We're commanded to hear the Shofar on Rosh Hashana. And we're going to be blowing Shofar over Zoom in our main services on the Second Day of Rosh Hashana. Rabbi Silverstein has ruled that if you hear the Shofar that way, over Zoom, it counts. That is, hearing it over Zoom fulfills the mitzvah/commandment. Great!

Even so, some of you might really want to hear the Shofar sound "live." Three ways to do this:

1) Inside the Sanctuary: You can offer to be one of the 15 people present inside the Sanctuary on the 2nd Day of Rosh Hashana, masked and distanced. (No guarantees yet; The Ritual Committee will determine exactly who those 15 are.)

2) At Tashlich: Instead of just one outdoor Tashlich ceremony, we're setting up multiple outdoor ceremonies in various locations:  Caldwell, West/North Caldwell, West Orange, Montville, and Verona. At each of those ceremonies, we plan to sound the Shofar — sufficiently distanced, of course. Information on exact times and places to follow.

3) At Home: If you can't come to the above, and you really want to hear the Shofar sound "live," please email Cantor Caplan by Friday, Sep. 11, and copy Dorit Eli.  We'll do our best to send a Shofar Blower to your yard, where they can blow Shofar for you — not necessarily on Rosh Hashana itself — likely during the week before or week after Rosh Hashana. (It's traditional to hear the Shofar all during that time, too!)

Shana Tova!  A Good and Sweet New Year!
Cantor Caplan


September 18,2020 /  29 Elul 5780