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Rabbi Alan Silverstein, PhD a nationally renowned lecturer. He has written numerous articles and booklets on intermarriage, conversion and the Arab-Israel conflict.

Rabbi Silverstein is the author of Alternatives to Assimilation: The Response of Reform Judaism to American Culture, 1840-1930, It All Begins With A Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage and Preserving Judaism in Your Family After Intermarriage Has Occurred.

The Times of Israel Blog:

The Kotel/Conversion Crises — The Perspective of Masorti/Conservative Jews

Religious Pluralism Means Distinctive Denominations – A Key to Jewish Continuity and Vitality

An Open Letter For The Trump Team: Overcoming Propaganda About Jerusalem

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Indifference to Jewish Refugees Fleeing Nazi Europe

Day-To-Day Miracles: Saving the Descendants of Holocaust Survivors in the Ukraine

A Response to the Daniel Gordis Obituary for Conservative Judaism

Rabbi Silverstein's Writings:

Defending Separation of Religion and State

Mitzvah Means A Good Deed But Much More As Well 

Judaism’s Commitment to Tzedakah

Where Is God in the Tsunami Tragedy

Lessons Learned From Michael Levin, Of Blessed Memory

A Vision for CAI

Intervention in Darfur Is A Moral Imperative

Rabbi Silverstein in the Media:

Masorti movement to honor local rabbi - April 22, 2015, NJJN

Rabbi Silverstein is a regular contributor to local and national Jewish publications. Here are some of his articles:

Call for human rights at UN Council - March 30, 2016, NJJN

Silverstein again heads Conservative group - March 16, 2016, NJJN

A Catholic-Jewish dialogue born of respect - September 22, 2015, NJJN

Israeli compromises, Palestinian rejections - April 22, 2015, NJJN

Obama’s double standard of forgiveness - March 25, 2015, NJJN

Don’t write off non-Orthodox movements - November 19, 2014, NJJN

In Praise of Popes Who Earned our Thanks - May 2014, NJJN

Distorting History in the Name of "Tradition" - July 3, 2013, NJJN

Conservation Judaism: Don't Believe the Gloom - March 24, 2011, NJJN

Utopia limited: burdening Israel with perfection - July 7, 2010, NJJN

Is Abu Mazen a Partner for Peace? Let's Ask Him - May 21, 2009 NJJN

Who will be the next President does matter - June 12, 2008, NJJNs

Synagogue Affiliation Key to youths' Israel Ties - September 27, 2007, NJJN

In the wake of tragedy, the power of acts of loving kindness - April 4, 2007, NJJN

Conservative Judaism: Don't Believe the Gloom - March 2007 NJJN  

Fallen 'lone soldier' Captures Heat of Isolated Nation - August 2006, NJJN

Remembering a Giant of British and Conservative Jewry - July 2006, NJJN

Fallen "Lone Soldier" Captures Heart of Isolated Nation - NJJN

Remembering a Giant of British Conservative Jewry - NJJN


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Rabbi Silverstein is a regular contributor to local and national Jewish publications. Here are some of his articles:
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