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The ECC and The Community

May 2016

Our school is a natural extension of the synagogue community. We use all the special places in the building , such as the chapel and the sanctuary, and interact often with members of the clergy and the greater educational staff. 

Recently, the students also had the opportunity to reach beyond those places associated with Agudath Israel and connect with the larger community. Children are beginning to learn about themselves in connection with the world around them.

A lot of enthusiasm was building in our fours classes about sewing. Children learned to thread needles, to stitch and to create many objects of their own. We reached out to an accomplished artist and quilter, a member of our community who visited the children and talked to them about her work and about their work. After having some time to share their different projects, she joined them at the sewing table.

Many of the students in our threes classes enjoy playing store and using their imagination to act out scenarios of going to the supermarket. After seeing those themes develop in their play, the teacher took the next step, and brought children on a walk to the neighborhood supermarket to meet some of the people there and see first hand what goes on in a real grocery store. Of all the sightings when taking neighborhood walks, seeing trucks is often one of the most exciting. When our roads were being paved earlier in the year, our students were enchanted by the opportunity to be up close to so many construction vehicles.

Thanks to the efforts of our ECC Board, our children recently had a grand time when all the trucks in the neighborhood appeared in our school parking lot one Sunday afternoon. Some of our own parents donated time to bring their own vehicles to the Touch-A-Truck event, along with the Department of Public Works, EMS, the Police Department and the Fire Department. Of course, the ice cream truck was one of the favorites!

These are just a few examples of how we connect our students to the wonderful world around them and the wonderful people that are out there.

May 29,2020 /  6 Sivan 5780