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How to join a meeting

For online programs, we use a remote conferencing service called Zoom. You can join Zoom meetings by computer (video + audio), or phone (no video). For instructions and videos on how to use Zoom, click here.

• Join a Zoom meeting by phone: Dial 1 646 558 8656 and then enter the meeting ID. Programs are listed below by date and time. To find a specific program you wish to join, please scroll down.

Download A Prayer for the Health and Healing of Healers (Used during daily minyan)


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 / 29 elul

8 am / Prayer with Cantor Caplan / Torah Thoughts with Rabbi Silverstein   Click Here to Join  Meeting ID: 958 825 213
1 pm Coping with Quarantining: Controlling our Thoughts, Feelings and Reactions, Not Letting them Control Us with CAI's JFS Zeller Family Social Worker, Andrea Malmud (Online discussion will not be HIPAA compliant.)
 Click Here to Join  Meeting ID:
911 2825 7660
4 pm / Opening to Shabbat, a Meditation with Nurse Karen Frank   Click Here to Join  Meeting ID: 450 230 027

september 18, 19 & 20 / erev rosh hashanah & rosh hashanah days 1 & 2


We will continue to update this page with new programs. Please check back regularly.

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September 19,2020 /  1 Tishrei 5781