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the lerner religious school



At CAI Religious School, we strive to foster and fulfill the educational and spiritual needs of our congregants during all stages of the Jewish life cycle. We work to provide an environment of learning that will frame the overall culture of our synagogue community and continue the sacred mission of “L’dor V’dor,” passing our heritage to the next generation.



• To create life-long learning role models so that children come to view that Jewish education goes beyond the childhood years. Examples are family education, adult education, peer-led experiences, etc.

• To build a relationship with the State of Israel.

• To assist in one’s spiritual journey and provide ways to develop one’s relationship to God.

• To create many opportunities to develop a strong Jewish identity, e.g., Jewish camps, JCC activities, travel, conferences, youth gatherings, federation involvement, connections to Israel and world Jewry.

• To continue to create a partnership between home, synagogue, and the larger Jewish community.

• To challenge each child and family member to ascend the ladder of Jewish commitment.

April 19,2024 /  11 Nisan 5784