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Roots and Wings

June 2016

Parents and educators know that we are responsible to give our children roots and wings. We want them to have a deep foundation, a solid grounding, and then the capacity to fly off on their own.

As we witness our four- and five-year-old children prepare to leave our school, we feel fulfilled that we have given them roots. They have learned to honor the important values that we hold dear. The children all have an enthusiasm about learning, and a curiosity about the world around them that will encourage them to reach new heights and make new discoveries. They will always be guided by the lessons their teachers have taught them.

We are also confident that we have given them wings to fly. They have strengths and abilities to assure that they can take off on their own and reach new heights.

As a Community of Learners we offer the same roots and wings to our educators. Three years ago a most gifted, insightful young educator entered into our building. We were excited to welcome Danielle Hartwig and have her join our Agudath family. She quickly became an integral member of our team and worked tirelessly to support our teachers through our change process. As a coach and a mentor to the faculty she gave the teaching team time to improve their skills and deepen their learning. As a teacher in our program she served as an incredible role model to others in her sensitivity to children and respect for the students’ strengths.

Danielle also endeared herself to all of our parents. She streamlined our parent volunteer system and with her keen attention to details made sure that all of our special programs went smoothly. She was always a friendly face at Shabbat in Pajamas and all the events that make our school the warm community that it is.

The roots and the enhancements that Danielle has brought to our school will live on for many years to come. Now, she has gotten wings as well and is leaving our nest. With bittersweet emotions, we wish Danielle blessings and joy in her new position and thank her for the gifts she has given us the last three years.

May 25,2020 /  2 Sivan 5780