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January 2018 - Literacy

When parents understand the process and approach to learning, they can truly be partners with us in the education of their children.

On December 7th, we gathered for a workshop dedicated to educating parents about literacy learning in our school. A presentation was made that explained how early communication begins and how children use language. From there we
went into a summary of how teachers in the twos, the threes and the fours promote the skills necessary to enter kindergarten as a confident and competent learner.

Just as a building depends on a deep strong foundation, so too, our children’s ability to be successful readers depends on a strong foundation of early skills. A careful thought out curriculum follows the continuum of skills that children should acquire at each age.When done properly we can assure that children always have a joy of reading and learning.

Following the presentation, parents had ample time to visit the detailed displays prepared by the teachers. Each teaching team highlighted different literacy skills that are encouraged and stressed in their classroom. The teachers worked hard and were delighted to share the examples and evidence of best practice in their rooms.

In our school we value families appreciating the WHY of what we do. This evening gave us the chance to share that with the parents.

We look forward to the second curriculum night in the spring on April 26 when we will focus on STEM learning in the Early Childhood Center.

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