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The Environmental Committee has 25 members who share ideas for educating ourselves and our community, developing initiatives for involving our youth, working with the interfaith and civic community, providing education about Jewish teachings related to caring for our environment, and taking actions in support of sustaining and protecting our environment.

For more information or to join our committee, please contact co-chairs Harriet Sepinwall or Mark Lipsy.

We are proud to have been awarded the Hazon Seal of Sustainability and accepted into this prestigious program. Hazon, the largest Jewish environmental organization in the United States, addresses environmental and related issues through the lens of Judaism. Their program offers a framework to promote sustainable practices by providing methodology, resources, and means to describe and execute sustainability goals. Being part of the program gives CAI access to information, programming, and environmental practices of our community and provides engagement with other Jewish communities and the local community on environmental issues. 


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE 2019-20 ACCOMPLISHMENTS  (see The Voice, June 2020, page 14)

• Environmental Shabbat with Rabbi Michael Cohen of Israel’s Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, in the Negev 
• Participation in the Green Fair at the Caldwell Public Library, sponsored by the West Essex Ministerial Association 
• Screening of “
Sustainable Nation,” arranged by Anna Millstein, Susan Werk, CAI’s Education Department, and Jewish National Fund 
• Tu B’Shevat seder, led by Debbie Arbit, using Hazon’s “Tu B’Shevat Haggadah,” including the Seven Species and vegetarian foods 
• Provided a recycling bin at CAI for used ink cartridges and used batteries, maintained by Gerry Buchoff 
• Submitted annual report and environmental audit for CAI; approved for renewal of Hazon’s Seal of Sustainability 
• Drafted proposal for more sustainable practices at kiddushes and other CAI sponsored programs where food is served
• Received Hazon mini-grant to develop and adopt new sustainable food practices at CAI 
• “Protecting the Planet in a Pandemic: An Interfaith Community Program,” 50th anniversary commemoration of Earth Day, cosponsored by CAI Interfaith Committee and Caldwell Environmental Commission, with Rabbi Alan Silverstein, Rabbi Ari Lucas, Sister Honora Werner, O.P., Hakan Yesilova, Ann Marchioni, and Rabbi David Saltzman.
• Open committee meeting with CAI member John Craig, president of
Eliminate Poverty Now, speaking on “Climate-Smart Agriculture.”

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June 13,2021 /  3 Tammuz 5781