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the cai environmental committee

CAI is committed to improving our own environmental impact and contributing to building a healthier and more sustainable future. We are proud to be participating in the Hazon Seal of Sustainability. The Hazon Seal of Sustainability certifies a Jewish organization’s commitment to sustainability, environmentally-friendly practices, higher welfare treatment of animals, and reduced impact on climate change. As part of the Hazon Seal, we are
convening a Green Team to promote sustainability efforts, auditing our environmental impact, and launching exciting projects. Learn more about the Hazon Seal of Sustainability at

Please contact Mark Lipsy at, or Harriet Sepinwall at at to help.

Did you know that most of your trash is recyclable? You can repurpose your old bikes, books, and vinyl records locally. We have written such a guide, The Re-Directory. You can also recycle things you probably did not realize you could, such as sneakers, baby food pouches (and just about any food packaging), binders, cigarette butts, etc. See and be amazed.


CAI featured in the latest Hazon newsletter!

Hazon Seal Spotlight: Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex (NJ)

May 29,2020 /  6 Sivan 5780