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the israel committee

For those in our community interested in going to Israel on their own to volunteer where needed, please reach out to Moshe Wolberger or Nurit Brown for information regarding different volunteer opportunities. We have a new sub-committee of the Israel Committee focusing on connecting our members with personal opportunities to support Israel during this time of need.

The Israel Committee organizes programs for our membership on issues of importance regarding Israel including, but not limited to, Israel-related lectures, films, presentations, informational materials and fund raising. Such activities and programming shall be aimed at increasing the awareness of the Congregation Agudath Israel community of issues of importance to Israel and fostering a strong relationship to Israel. For more information contact the Israel Committee's co-chair Lee Gladstein

The Israel Committee holds an annual event called The CAI annual Walkathon for Israel.

CAI is committed to Israel. In 2018, CAI celebrated the 17th anniversary of The CAI Walkathon for Israel. Thanks to volunteer support and philanthropic generosity, we have funded many worthy programs in Israel. Through the effort of this financial commitment money is allocated to support programs serving the larger Israeli society, as we work with our Masorti partners in local communities throughout the State of Israel. 

We are proud to:  

• Fund volunteer work and provision of materials to assist children living below the poverty line in an Ethiopian Jewish village, as well as in the Yemin Orde Youth Village [for orphans] in the vicinity of Zichron Yaacov

• Provide tuition scholarships for needy youngsters in a unique Jewish identity-building preschool, reaching out to young, secular Israeli families in the French Hill, Northern neighborhood of Jerusalem

• Fund Jewish content outreach to needy youngsters living in Ashkelon, only a few miles from the Gaza border. Enable Jewish content outreach to Russian, Latin American and other immigrant parents of a network of Masorti preschools in Beer Sheva, the Queen City of the Negev

• Cover the expenses of children from low-income families in their participation in the activities and Jewish experiences of the NOAM peer-led youth movement chapter in Omer [a neighboring town to Beer Sheva]

• Bring financial assistance to the “Bayit Cham” [“Warm Home”] program in the East Talpiot section of Jerusalem

• Akin to our CAI SCEEP Program, this project provides academic tutoring and hot meals to underprivileged children 

• Partner with the country-wide Masorti Special Needs [down syndrome, sever autism, etc] Bar and Bat Mitzvah program. CAI will sponsor the training and family support for two special needs youngsters, offering training, family support and Special needs-style ceremonies.

• Assist the “chalon” program [“A Window Into Jewish Life”], bringing Jewish content outreach to elementary-age children and young families in the northern border secular community of Kfar Vradim

• Participate in outreach and post-fire rehabilitation efforts conducted in the North by our partners in the Northern communities of Carmiel and Kibbutz Hanaton

• Additional projects are being planned with our partners in Kiryat Bailik [near Haifa], Kfar Saba [near Raanana], Gilo [a Jerusalem neighborhood] and elsewhere.

July 14,2024 /  8 Tammuz 5784