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frequently asked questions


I'd like to learn more about Congregation Agudath Israel. How do I become part of the CAI family?

We look forward to welcoming you to our community. Our warmth and openness is evident at first contact. As membership coordinator, it is my goal to be your source of information, providing the individualized attention you require, fitting your needs to our synagogue. As your ‘point person’ I look forward to helping you find your niche and helping to make this your ‘second home’ creating a customized map of what works best for you as you navigate your journey. Spend time with us, get to know us better, be part of our congregational family. Explore our website for ideas of how to get involved.  

What are the benefits of membership? 

There are objective benefits of membership at CAI - availability of our clergy at life-cycle events and for counseling, tickets for High Holy Days, educational and spiritual opportunities for the entire family, tuition discounts to our Early Childhood and Religious School programs, tax deductions for membership dues and donations, notifications of upcoming events and programs, complimentary services from our Congregational Nurse and Social Worker and our Caring Committee. However, a price cannot be put on some of the more subtle benefits.  By becoming a member of Congregation Agudath Israel, you become part of a larger Kehillah (community) where you will meet new people and make new friends.  Ours is a community that is always there for you during life's ups and downs…where you belong to something special.  

How do I enroll my child in Religious School or in the Early Childhood Center?

You’ll find valuable information about our Education Department for ‘Every Age and Every Stage,' our Early Childhood Center, and much more on our website. However, when you contact us whether its via email, telephone or after arranging a visit, please let us know about your interest in our Education departments and other parts of CAI synagogue life and we will help you with the enrollment process and answer any other questions you may have.

What are the costs of membership? 

Synagogues have expenses just as our households do. Therefore, we are understanding and sensitive to each congregational family’s needs. While it is necessary to operate under a formal budget, so that we may provide a wealth of programs, opportunities and activities, we do take each family's circumstance into consideration. No one is denied membership at Congregation Agudath Israel. Confidential financial arrangements can be made upon request.



More questions?  Contact Membership CoordinatorDebbie Lurie.    

July 14,2024 /  8 Tammuz 5784