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An Experiment in Learning Sacred Jewish Texts

Click here for the website with all texts in English and Hebrew for Mishnah text study [3-5 minutes per day] on audio files with Rabbi David Silverstein.

The Mishnah is a collection of Jewish laws which was compiled in 200 CE by Rabbi Judah the Prince.

The Mishnah expanded the Hebrew Bible into specific customs and practices in prayer, holidays, dietary laws and everyday ethics.

It is traditional to study Jewish texts each day as we “count the Omer” [a measure of barley] brought to the ancient Temple during the period extending from Passover until Shavuot [May 19-21]

My son – Rabbi David Silverstein – is conducting the experiment for us.

In audio files, he is explaining one Mishnah per day throughout the Passover until Shavuot period. We will cover all of the Mishnah of Tractate Brachot [blessing, prayers]

Here are the texts for the first of seven weeks of Mishnah text study [3-5 minutes per day] with Rabbi David Silverstein.

To repeat: our goal is to complete all of the Mishnah for Tractate Brachot [Blessing/prayers] in time for a joyous celebration of Shavuot.

Below are the recordings of the citations. David will explain one per day.

I hope you find meaning in daily traditional Torah study.

Please join is this unique opportunity.

Chag Sameach,

Rabbi Alan Silverstein

Click on the citation to listen

Brachot 1:1

Brachot 1:2

Brachot 1:3

Brachot 1:4

Brachot 1:5


Brachot 2:1

Brachot 2:2

Brachot 2:3 & 4

Brachot 2:5-7

Brachot 2:8


Brachot 3:1

Brachot 3:2

Brachot 3:3

Brachot 3:4

Brachot 3:5-6


July 10,2020 /  18 Tammuz 5780