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06/02/2021 05:24:16 PM


Rabbi Ari Lucas

Thank you for sharing your responses to my email last week about antisemitism and Israel in the current moment. I look forward to continuing the conversation together.

For now, I’m preparing to join 25 clergy and leaders from Metro West on a mission next week. As much as I wish the circumstances of my trip were different, I’m looking forward to being there - to be surrounded by the sounds of Hebrew, the holiness of the land, and what I’m sure will be meaningful conversations with people while I’m there. As my colleague and the leader of our mission, Rabbi Matt Gewirtz said in a pre-trip briefing: “When our home is in trouble, we don’t run away, we go home.” I’ll plan to share some more reflections on my upcoming trip in my Shabbat sermon this Saturday, but in the meantime, I wanted to inform you of three ways you can join me on this trip - not physically, unfortunately, but in spirit:

  1. Follow my Facebook Page:

 a) I’ll share pictures, videos, and reflections from the trip as will my colleagues, under the hashtag #GMWSolidarityMission.
 b) For those not on Facebook, some of the posts will be reposted on our
synagogue blog here:
2. Send a Prayer With Me. I will be going to kotel and will be sure to print out these notes and put them in the wall on your behalf.
3. I’ll plan to share some more formal reflections when I return. Stay tuned for more information about that.

Sending you all my blessings of peace and friendship.

May 18,2024 /  10 Iyyar 5784