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What I’ve learned over a quarter-century

January 2016

Over the past 25 years at Congregation Agudath Israel, I have learned …

1. The family friendships made during the Early Childhood years journey together through all ages and stages.

2. It will take a class of threes 45 minutes to kiss the Torah scroll in the ark.

3. Halleluyah moments always include sports teams and toys.

4. Dum Dum Lollipops are “smart smart” to use as a treat.

5. I shouldn’t rely on people making deadlines for RSVPs.

6. Plan, plan, plan — and then adjust.

7. Embrace collaboration and partnership with our community.

8.One can never have too many staplers, white board markers, and scissors.

9. To live life with “an attitude of gratitude.”

10. Life-long learning is our ultimate goal.

11. Always bring hand sanitizers on family trips to Israel.

12. Recognize the gift of colleagues who work harmoniously with vision, respect, clarity, and love.

13. Always have your writings proofed by an amazing editor!

14. Breathe.

15. Mud is a teaching tool.

16. Frosting is a significant budget item.

17. Teenagers crave to “do good.”

18. Peer-led activities are powerful and significant.

19. Informal education is the secret to success.

20. Head, heart, and hand; ladder of commitment — it’s all in the branding!

21. It is a privilege and an honor to be welcomed to participate in a family’s life-cycle event.

22. Pajamas are Shabbat clothing.

23. To speak softly into a microphone.

24. Not to sing into a microphone.

25. I am blessed to share my passion for Judaism, to wake up each day happy to come to CAI and greet the challenges and successes with humility and gratitude to God, my family, and our community! Thanks for the fantastic 25!

B’Shalom, Susan Werk Educational Director

April 19,2024 /  11 Nisan 5784