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Werks Words of Wisdom

October 23, 2014  

  1. Halloween in the truest sense is not a Jewish day - it is a celebration of All Saints Day, which is a Catholic celebration.  Outside of the United States it is really a holy day for our Catholic friends.

  2. Historically Halloween was an opportunity to riot against Jewish neighborhoods, especially on mischief night.

  3. Today Halloween has lost its meaning in the United States. It is now more a secular day than religious.

  4. If you are participating in Halloween, add your Jewish value system. 

  • Trick or treat is not a Jewish concept; we give - example mishloach manot. Tricking for candy is not a value; neither is destroying property on mischief night.

  • Tzedakah collection is a great addition to Halloween; however, be sure of where the money is going to.

  • We do not celebrate death - examples, ghosts, goblins, devils, angels, etc. We celebrate life; if you wish to dress up, dress like the living.

  • Moderation - even with candy, gluttony is not something we promote.


April 19,2024 /  11 Nisan 5784